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Quieter and more durable!
Online playability! Play people Live and Real time from all around the world!
(Internet connection required)
  • This board is totally App driven
  • App runs on Android 4.3 or later and IOS iPhone 5 or later, iPad 3 or later
  • Fully English compatible App
  • App includes player details including averages, and saves information in a large worldwide database.
  • Powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology 
  • The power savings with Low Energy Bluetooth allows long term play on just 2 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED). 
  • Easy installation, cordless. No worrying about finding a power outlet 
  • Player change button on board, or can use app to change players 
  • Power button switch on side of machine 
  • Communication starts as soon as you power on machine and start App 
  • 2 color LED on front of board to notify you when Bluetooth is connecting, and when is connected 
  • Most basic issues of darts mis-scoring can be fixed by turning down the sensitivity of the missed dart feature

Dimensions - 21 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 1 1/4" 

3 month warranty from date of purchase
Warranty covers malfunction of the board itself, not the software app. Segments are not covered under the warranty

**The Granboard Dash does NOT have replacement parts and is not repairable

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