Mamba97 Soft - M1 18gm

A-Z Darts

SKU: 75-18428-18gm

Leading-edge technology in the dart sector. Unique 97% Tungsten quality. The Black Titanium coating guarantees a perfect grip for total control of the darts.
 The M1 has a consistently ultra slim barrel with a wide slim shark grip in the front section and a narrow one in the rear section. Available in two different weights and lengths.
 Engraved with Logo and Mamba 97 hallmark. In a handy Cone Case with Simplex aluminium shafts and extra strong Power Flite in a special Mamba 97 design.
 Barrel weight approximately 16.1gm
 Fully dressed weight approximately 18gm
 Barrel Length - 1 3/4"
 Barrel Diameter - 15/64"
All Darts Sold in a Set of 3

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